Focal Point: Feven Tassew, Senior Advisor for Global Programs

The Gender, sexuality and rights (GSR) collaborative has been identified to become one of the global platforms for SRMH programs, to provide strategic focus and guidance on issues of gender, sexuality and SRMH rights through facilitating a process of sharing existing experiences and learning. Based on this mandate, the collaborative group has initiated the mapping exercise to identify and collate SAA and other similar reflective dialogue approaches and tools used across CARE that facilitate in-depth exploration, analysis, reflection and action to address underlying causes of poverty (poor health) including gender and social norms.

Though the process was initiated with SRMH related experiences of using reflective dialogue approaches, the opportunity was also extended to explore integration and adaptations of the Social Analysis and Action (SAA) and reflective dialogue approaches across different sectors and programs across CARE. Below you will find the mapping tables and summary of findings that resulted in this activity.

GSR collaborative group TOR

Social Analysis and Action (SAA) ToR and Mapping Table