Global Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights at CARE

Supporting sexual, reproductive, and maternal health and rights is fundamental to CARE’s mission of empowering women and girls, promoting social justice, and reducing poverty around the world. A woman’s social, economic, and physical status is inextricably linked to her ability to exercise her reproductive rights—unwanted pregnancies can reduce opportunities for girls to access education, expose women to health risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth, strain a family’s resources and constrain women’s ability to invest in themselves and achieve economic empowerment.

CARE cannot be credible as an organization committed to empowering women and girls without addressing sexual and reproductive health and rights in both development and humanitarian settings. Fifty One CARE International (CI) countries are engaged in maternal health programming, reaching approximately 31 million program participants (2015 PIIRS Report), thus sexual, reproductive and maternal health programs are a critical entry point for reaching women and girls and helping them exercise not only their rights to reproductive health and a life free from violence, but also their rights to adequate food and nutrition, a secure livelihood, and hope for themselves and their families.


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