Inner Spaces, Outer Faces Initiative (ISOFI)

Engendering Change: A Short film on the Inner Spaces, Outer Faces Initiative

In India, between June 2007 and April 2009, CARE implemented a pilot study to test the hypothesis that integrating gender and sexuality into a maternal and neonatal health program could generate improved health outcomes. The pilot project, Inner Spaces Outer Faces Initiative (ISOFI), was implemented in the Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. Shot in the villages of Barabanki district, this film traces some of the key conceptual and field interventions made during this project. It also examines the significant learnings and looks at the possibilities of future work in the area of health. Implemented by CARE and ICRW and funded by the Ford Foundation.

ISOFI Toolkit: Tools for action and learning on gender and sexuality
The Inner Spaces, Outer Faces Initiative (ISOFI) toolkit is designed for use by staff of international development and health organizations, and is made up of participatory group activities to help program staff to identify, explore, and challenge their own understanding of gender and sexuality in their lives, the lives of project participants and within the organizations in which they work.

§ The ISOFI Toolkit