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Maternal Death Reviews, or MDRs, investigate the medical causes and circumstances surrounding maternal deaths leading to a deeper understanding of the interrelated and often preventable factors leading to maternal deaths. Below are some CARE experiences conducting MDRs.

New Resource from the World Health Organization
Understanding MDRs
Saving Mothers 2005-2007: Fourth Report on Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in South Africa

Implementing Community-Based MDRs in Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone project summary
Verbal Autopsy form for maternal death (22 pages)

Maternal Mortality in Honduras
Donor Report
Resumen Ejecutivo - Investigación MM
Executive Summary - MM Research
Tools (in Spanish)
GUIA_1 Familiares de la madre
GUIA_2 Familiares del nino
GUIA 3_Personal Secretaria de Salud
GUIA 4_Autoridades Locales
GUÍA_5 Mujeres sobrevivientes
GUIA 6_Voluntarios y parteras

CARE country offices that have conducted maternal death reviews:
Sierra Leone

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