Social Analysis and Action


‍What is SAA?


Social Analysis and Action (SAA) is a facilitated process through which individuals and communities explore and challenge the social norms, beliefs and practices that shape their lives and health. The goal of SAA is to catalyze a community-led change process through which community members challenge restrictive norms and act together to create more equitable gender norms as well as community support for sexual, reproductive and maternal health and rights. Unique and central to SAA is that the process of critical reflection and dialogue begins with CARE staff and SAA facilitators to prepare ourselves for implementing SAA with the community.

The SAA process has three core elements: 1) reflection, dialogue and exploration, 2) envisioning alternatives and challenging harmful norms, and 3) action for improved health. Click here for the SAA diagram.

The SAA approach has been used as part of family planning and reproductive health programming in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Mali, Madagascar, and Honduras, among other countries. A final evaluation of the model in 2013 in three countries revealed significant changes in family planning (FP) knowledge and practices as well as associations between FP and equitable gender attitudes and behaviors.

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What's unique about SAA? Check out Social Analysis and Action: An Integrative Approach to Catalyzing Change through Reflection and Action


‍SAA Resources

SAA Global Implementation Manual (English)
This manual contains an in-depth description of SAA core tools and adaptation of those tools for each step of the SAA process and CARE's global outcome areas, and an introduction to monitoring, evaluation and learning for SAA.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning for SAA (English)
This living document provides guidance to staff implementing SAA who are seeking to develop or strengthen their program’s comprehensive MEL framework to include SAA and gain a deeper understanding of the changes facilitated by using the model.

SAA Ideas and Action (English version, French version, Spanish version)
This publication, designed for CARE program planners and managers and focused on sexual and reproductive health, explains SAA at both a conceptual and practical level (includes description of SAA process, case studies, and tools).

Brief: Advancing Gender Equality & Women's Voice with SAA
(English version, French version)

Brief: Multiplying Impact through SAA (English version, French version)

SAA Training Toolkit (English version, French version)

SAA Staff Reflection Guide (English)

Guidance for pairing SAA with Community Score Card (English)

SAA in Action: Bead Game (Video)

SAA in Action: Pile Sorting (Video)

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Project Examples

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